Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here she is....

Here she is!! One of my dear friends and inspiration behind this fun cooking blog! Her name is none other than...Holly!

If I may...I would love to introduce you to this amazing woman who loves the Lord with all her heart. She is also a loving wife, mother and friend who is such a blessing to so many people.

I have to tell you, this amazing woman who wears many different 'hats', wears the 'chef' hat quite well! She also wears a pretty cool 'crown' as she is known as none other than the 'Dessert Queen'! I'm not kidding...I so don't joke around about my mouth watering sweets! Eweeeee! She can make any ol' pie, cake, quiche, trifle, and cause great explosion of the pallet. Her presentations are mouth watering...your mouth will explode with excitement before your drouling mouth is even allowed a bite. I do not lie when I say every one of her dessert creations could beautifully grace the cover page of any food magazine! If you know her, you must agree!

Well my friends, thank you for stopping by today and allowing me to introduce you to my sweet, precious friend. I am blessed by her gifts from God that she displays so powerfully. This is my way of saying, "Thank you" to her and hopefully in the process of my gratitude, you also will be able to fill your kitchen with the joyful aromas and recipes that will be savored by all who partake!


  1. Holly is precious! What a cool picture, too. That would look great as a banner on this blog, along with Teresa brandishing her spoons.

    I'm looking forward to many fabulous recipes!

  2. favorite course!


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