Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's been a LONG while...

Yes, me Teresa, am a great example of starting something with a vengeance and then fizzling quickly like a bottle rocket...hence, this blog. are you all ready for a yummy recipe? Me too! Haahaahaa! Sorry, that wasn't funny, but I gotta laugh at myself, right?

Alright! I have been making some delicious cookies for our family, neighbors, and some businesses within the is one of the fastest cookie recipes and it takes a few minutes, resulting in the most deliciously finished cookies that you may ever have.

The recipe comes in a bag...yes! A bag.

I use the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip mix, by mixing the pre-mixed batter with one stick of melted butter in microwave (50 seconds), also mix with one egg...mix the ingredients with a spatula, mashing together ensuring the powdered mix and egg and butter is fully mixed.

Place the mixed batter (mix with small spatula) into an 8 x 8 metal pan, spread evenly in pan and place in 350 degree oven and depending on your oven, bake for 20-25 minutes. Let it cool down and then cut into bars! So delicious!

For best warm cookie bar in a bowl and top with vanilla ice cream...O so yummy!!!!!