Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day!

Wow! It's been a long while since I've actually sat down to write for Holly/Teresa Cooking Project!

What is the first word that you associate to Valentine's Day? Well, mine is none other than creamy, mouth watering chocolate almonds dipped in hot coffee mixed with the classic French Vanilla cream.

Well, first of all Happy Love Day to the Author of Love...God! And because of His Love I can say, "Happy Love Day" to you!

Hmmmmmmm...Let's see mouth waters as I think of none other than more chocolate. Holly, I'm so excited to try your last recipe that you posted...isn't she amazing, you all? I could just eat her up I love her so much!

At this moment I am at the library, making a stop here to check emails and send them out as well. Yes, I am still waiting for my computer to be the meantime, I greatly appreciate your patience...once I'm back online, I will post an inspirational recipe that you will be unable to stop your mouth from watering a fountain of drool...haahaa!

I hope you're ready! Thank you Holly for filling in with your yummy recipes in the meantime!

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