Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Does She Exist?

Does she exist? Yes...Holly does truly exist! Haahaa! Actually I have attached her reply as I gave her an assignment before she was to go on my new watch the great movie...
Julie & Julia
starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Here is Holly's reply after seeing the movie...

"OK I rented Julie/Julia last night and thought it was great!!! I am even inspired to the whole cooking thing!! I think I will get Julia's cookbook and try some 'Bouff Bougnignon' (You also need to say that just like Julia when saying that phrase!!!!!!)

Anna Cat is here and we looked at your blog...I thought you should do a Julie/Julia challenge and be required to complete the whole cookbook in ... days! What a challenge!!!

Love ya. Glad you were so inspired. You better start practicing up, because I just gave you all the easy ones. I am working on my full-size cookbook and I won't be so easy on ya, gal! Heeheehee!!!!..."

Yes...I think in mid-January I just might take Holly up on her challenge...why January? Well, my husband the King of the Kitchen will allow me to do so...heehee! We'll see what cooking challenges and breakthroughs come about. If you ever saw Holly in action in the would be inspired to get those pots and pans clangin', oven doors slammin', and more than anything...just good ol' eatin'!!!!!

I am still remembering the moment when she literally cooked 3 things at one joke...she prepared quiche...braided sausage and baked which the brownies were being prepared to make a chocolate trifle with whip cream, chocolate pudding, brownie and crushed 'Heath' mouth is watering just thinking of that glorious, delicious moment!

I long for your comments like I long for chocolates!

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